The aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

Dear friends and supporters of the Haiti Mission School…

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It’s been said (at least a thousand times) that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, the above pictures are worth 4 thousand. These, sad to say, are pictures of the Haiti Mission School and Labastille Church following the recent hurricane in Haiti. The Haitians, using only three words to describe the situation, told us the school was “very bad broke”. Looking on the devastation, our hearts are also “very bad broke”. JoEllen Parsons and Howard Nicols are planning to go to Haiti on Tuesday, Oct. 18 [si Dieu vle]. They are bringing some water purification systems, tarps, roofing nails, and other necessary supplies. They plan to meet with residents of the area and try to determine how we can best assist them as they begin to rebuild their homes and lives. JoEllen and Howard want to pray with them, encourage them and remind them they are not forgotten. Communications with the area are just beginning to open up. We have not as yet heard any news of our students. The teachers are ok. All of them and nearly all our friends have lost homes, or at least roofs off homes. As to future plans, we are prayerfully waiting to see what God has in mind for us and the school. In the meantime, we join our Haitian brothers and sisters in thanking you for your continuing support and prayers.

Donations can be sent to Haiti Mission School, PO Box 445, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846.
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