A Brief Overview Including some costs.

Providing a good primary school education requires more than simply hiring teachers and opening the doors. Over the years, we have been led to establish a number of programs and resources that are designed to enhance the educational experience of our students. Main Picture Sponsor and Prayer Program:As time went by and the school began to grow, we realized we could not cover the costs without help. We also realized the students needed lots of help from above. So in 2008 we began to ask others to become a part of the project and take on a one of our students to pray for and to offer financial support. To each donor, we give a picture of the pupil and ask people to pray for her or him each day. Financial gifts, however do not go to the specific child, but rather into a pot that pays for school costs. This prevents a situation in which one child might receive a large donation while his or her neighbor receives only a small one.