The Haiti Mission School is located just over an hour from the large city of Jèrèmie. To get to the school we usually ride motorcycles for about 30 minutes over an extremely rough road. Then we dismount and walk another 45 minutes over mountainous terrain. Our students may also walk up to an hour from their homes to get to school.

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We began in 2007 with a single Kindergarten class of 24 students (ages 4-14) Imagine being a 14 year-old and having your first opportunity to attend school. The second year as those first students moved up, we opened a second kindergarten with an additional 23 students. As year followed year, we added a new class each year until the school is now a complete primary school with six classes. Three classes have graduated and six of the top students of each class have received scholarships to a nearby secondary school Secondary School Students.Secondary School

In 2017 the Haiti Mission School will celebrate our tenth year. Current enrollment is about 150 students. The six classes are divided between the church sanctuary and two separate buildings. None have what most of us would consider adequate facilities. Classrooms are crowded, structurally deficient, poorly lighted and share space. All of these things make education difficult.

School Discussion is now underway to work with area residents and the local oversight committee concerning a new school building. Negotiation is also underway with the Haitian government to begin paying the teachers.

The amazing thing is that for less than $130 per student per year (see how you can help) we not only provide the student with a free education, but also a hot meal every school day. This pays for all school expenses including teachers’ salaries and continuing education, all classroom furniture, paper, pencils, textbooks, and material for uniforms. It also pays the salaries for two women who cook and all food related expenses.

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